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This is Crazyhair's website, so it's weird to talk about me! My name is Alana. I was a doodler in school, and Crazyhair emerged over the years without any sort of plan or design. Based on my own curly hair, she has an incredible hair do. Beyond that her personality is an amped up version of mine. She’s bolder, cooler, and always wears high boots and mini skirts. She has cat eyes, and I barely wear make up!

The original crazyhair
The Original Crazyhair

Crazyhair formed as a character when I was in my early 20s. I was living in the boonies of Virginia, mostly alone, and had time on my hands. My personality was also still forming, and there was definitely a rising tide of girl power in me. I was out of school and making a salary on my own. I was embracing the freedom of making my own decisions with my own money on my own time.

Crazyhair did things I did, but she did them more proudly, boldly, and in a sexier way (for a drawing). Buoyed by her personality, I made a website for Crazyhair and bought Internet ads. I offered up advice and wrote a Dear Crazyhair column for whoever found my site and cared to write. I made and sold cards for her. I indulged in the creativity of it, but it was also a voyage into running a mini business on my own dollar in my own way.


Now having turned 40, it’s fun to brush off Crazyhair and see her as more than just a phase. In her are the seeds of bravery that led to my work success and my family life with 3 children. Now more fully formed, I both agree with Crazyhair but also see her as an indulgent creature who had all the time in the world to spend on herself. I can both enjoy her and laugh at her -- which is funny because I’m not always so generous to myself, and I should be.


All hail Crazyhair :)

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