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The imp I didn't know I'd have

Last night my daughter asked me whether the tiny Crazyhair in the drawing below is her, and I said yes. But Crazyhair knew I was bending the truth.

Inner Imp drawing

When I drew this Crazyhair I was a decade away from having children, and I was still trying to raise myself. While I was trying to be a good adult with a normal job and rent to pay, there was still a lot of little kid bursting out of me. Crazyhair was like -- Yeah, that's totally normal. Let your inner rascal shine. So I still do, and it's made me a fun mom but kind of a weird adult. Which is totally ok by me.

So circling back -- everyone says my daughter is a mini me, and she's totally a sprite with a goofy sense of humor and an unshakable "the world was made for me" confidence. We play together and laugh together and do art together, and occasionally we have tantrums but that's pretty normal according to Crazyhair. And while I still think I have my own inner imp to negotiate with, I'm lucky to have a better, cooler real life version too. #thankful

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