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Modern Things

Years ago when I first started making Crazyhair cards, everything was worse. The printers printed worse. The scanners scanned worse. Editing software was worse, and website creators were ok but I usually hand-edited the HTML anyway. I struggled to get things to look as good as they did in my head.

Fast forward, and I LOVE MODERN TECHNOLOGY. The average scanner today is a DREAM. I use my home scanner which talks to a phone app and then Google Drive. Wix, what I am using now to create my website and blog, is drag and drop HEAVEN. I use Pixlr in the Chrome browser to edit and color my drawings. And with Zazzle, I can create and sell cards (or tote bags or other things to come) on high quality paper without spending money in advance.

SHORT STORY: I don't know why we aren't all doing this now. It's SO AWESOME. I told a friend that his kid should start a website. I told another friend I'd help her make a website. WEBSITES FOR EVERYONE.

Alana: The picture is blurry because I need a new phone -- don't blame the cards.

Crazyhair: Will you stop being so cheap and get a new phone? Make me look good, lady!

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