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I've been working on some new art, and it's very centered in #ladypower. So of course, it was time for a Mother's Day post. As I was cleaning my bathroom today where my toddler had somehow unspooled a whole roll of toilet paper and emptied a bag of crushed up chips, I thought -- I'm really going to appreciate tomorrow.

Y'all Mother's Day is MY DAY this year. It's all about ME ME ME. And you, if you're a mom. But mostly me. My kids are cleaning their rooms, I"m getting some gifts, and I'm going to make sure we eat french fries. It's gonna be a great day. Today I went food shopping, planted vegetable plants, cleaned multiple messes, packed away old books and put out new books, etc. TOMORROW I'm going to sit and literally eat bon bons. Y'all do the same.

Various Crazyhair art copyright 2018

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