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Love stories

Every year as Valentine's Day comes up, a familiar feeling creeps up on me. It's a mixture, one part "not this again" and one part "gimme some flowers". Like those terrible candy hearts, V Day is simultaneously lovely and terrible. It evokes a nostalgia for elementary school where everyone gets a card. And it also gives me relief that I'm no longer a teenager lonely and alone.

Crazyhair is very into this holiday though. She's kinda blah about the "whole chocolate from a lover" thing . But she's very into giving to yourself. What are you going to do for yourself this holiday? Buy yourself a treat? Take a day off? Instead of ignoring it or expecting others to ante up, what can you do for you? Caring for ourselves is underrated and can be very delicious if you find the perfect chocolate truffle.

XOXO and Enjoy.

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